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The CzechAccelerator project greatly helped us to penetrate a foreign market thanks, on the one hand, to the outstanding support from CzechAccelerator representatives in the destination and, on the other hand, the excellent location of the offices in the Cambridge Innovation Centre, in which there are not only good facilities for companies – high-speed internet, meeting rooms and equipment – but mainly a great atmosphere created by other people focused on success and a large number of networking events where you learn a lot of interesting things about the local market and business customs, while also getting the opportunity to meet new people.


The objectives of the trip were to analyse the local market, learn the national and legislative specifics, build awareness of our company in America and find a strategic business partner or possibly establish an American branch of our company. Our success in the destination was due primarily to meeting the right people, with which the team of mentors cooperating with CzechAccelerator substantially assisted us.


We managed to obtain key information on the scope of the American market for our product and other important information about the legislative conditions, which is currently being incorporated into the new version of our ArisCAT information system.

During the stay, applications for registering the trademark of our company and product were prepared and submitted. This is a necessary step for successful operation on the American market.

We also succeeded in building an extensive network of business contacts and, of no less importance, signed a contract on technological cooperation with a local company.

I would like to thank all involved employees of CzechInvest as well as those working on the project in the destination.

Ing. Josef Šustr, executive director, CATHEDRAL Software, s.r.o.

About the company and product


CATHEDRAL Software is a company that specialises in production and sales of an information system for manufacturers and dealers of shading technology, such as marquees, roller shutters, blinds, etc. Thanks to our ArisCAT system, many significant companies in Europe can easily communicate with their dealers, quickly prepare price offers and plan production.


More information is available on the company’s website at, as well as on ArisCAT product site at

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